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You own or develop e-commerce shops, websites, mobile applications or intranet or extranet sites for your clients. You need to translate the solutions into one or more languages. That is called localisation in our industry.
We work directly with a number of file formats, so that your translation is ready to be posted online straight away! Later on, we can manage updates to your content. We also work directly online or on your CMS to translate your website, software or mobile app, your Adwords campaigns, etc.

Our strength? Our linguists work closely with your teams through an online platform that we provide to interconnect our systems with yours if you wish.


Translating software requires means fully understanding its operation, so as to be able to explain its use to future foreign users as clearly as possible. Our translators have professional experience in IT and the web for offering translations that are up to the mark.

Have you planned a multilingual release or a two phase release (French or English, then localisation into several languages)? The requirements are different but we could adapt to both procedures. Your software includes the program, the user manual, help sections and marketing documents. Our IT experts will guide you, particularly about the sequence to apply to translations by content.
We can also help you identify the best strategy in terms of content and type of translation. Hybrid translation may be appropriate for certain content, while revised human translation remains essential for high visibility content. Consistency is fundamental in a software localisation project. To that end, we provide you with a collaborative tool so that we can populate the terminology database together. By labelling each text or segment with a status (Translated, Revised, Locked), you will capitalise on every translation saved in our system. We are also qualified to carry out the Testing phase (detection of bugs or contextual inconsistencies).
Together, we prepare specifications that identify the items needed to localise your software correctly:

  • compatibility
  • target audience to adapt the language level
  • restricted number of characters
  • manufacturer and developer terminology
  • context
  • cultural adaptation of names, digital formats (e.g. dates in Japan and France)

    Your business sells its services or products abroad. The first link with your international prospects is your website (and social media). If that first contact is not adapted to your targets’ preferences and the language particularities of their country, you will not find it easy to convert them into customers.

    The same goes for the documents presented and available for download on your web page (official reports, software, application, user manuals, etc.). We work directly online in your CMS (WordPress, Typo3, Drupal, etc.) to translate your website, Adwords campaigns and others. We can also adapt your publications on social media in the target countries.
    Later on, we could automatically detect new content on your website and translate it so your multilingual site is always up-to-date in your chosen languages.

    We have translated nearly 500 websites (German version) (English version) (in part – English version) (Japanese version) (German version) (German version) (English and German versions) (English version) (English version) (Spanish version)


    Is your application in the test phase or already available? Numerous updates and patch notes will be needed to inform your users or beta testers.  We can translate from file exports or by logging in to your development system. In the event of updates, we can be alerted to translate new content, while not damaging development codes.

    An application behaves in the same way as a website, which is why translations play a major part in converting new users.    Translation is not enough, you have to adapt (localise) to the target countries. Our experts will be able to advise you and support you to translate your mobile application.

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