Food processing

Are you in the food industry and looking to market your products in new international markets?
Are you planning to attend international trade fairs and need translations of your lists of ingredients, product leaflets or sales and contractual documents?
We can support you throughout the translation process to offer results that match not only your expectations, but also your values.
France is known for its excellence in gastronomy, which is recognised by its European neighbours and the rest of the world.
We can have your content translated by translators who are experts in the food-processing industry. Whether you work in the world of chocolate, luxury dishes, wines and spirits, gastronomic products, bulk or premium products, we will be able to help you rise to the challenges of export markets.
We are routinely asked to translate:

  • Technical data sheets
  • Labels
  • Lists of ingredients
  • Specifications
  • Advertising material
  • Press releases
  • Brochures and catalogues
  • Agreements
  • Publications on social media
Our translators are also experts in the agricultural sector, and know the vocabulary needed to accurately translate material relating to foodstuffs, encompassing the entire cycle from production to consumption, also including meat processing.
It is crucial to avoid the pitfall of the ill-advised use of free machine translations. Recurrent errors come at a huge cost, with an adverse effect on your image, especially for marketing campaigns or even consumer health (for instance with allergy risks if the ingredients are incorrectly translated).
This is why we can also assist you to find the best strategy in terms of content and type of translation. Hybrid translation may be appropriate for certain content, while revised human translation remains essential for high visibility content.
Are you also certified to ISO standards covering management (ISO 9001) and food safety (ISO 22000)? We also hold current ISO certifications in our industry, namely dual ISO 17100/ISO 18587 certification. Here are some of our satisfied customers:
CIACAM, a company that imports, sorts, cleans, packages and deals in pulses and rice, which asked us to take charge of translating all its material into Japanese. Before setting out for Japan, CIACAM sought our advice to maximise its chances of signing agreements with its Japanese prospects.
Before translating the documents, we worked on the background of the project, its ambitions and limitations. Knowledge of that overall environment enabled us to produce on-point translations and support our client in their Asian challenge. What is more, our client came back with a signed agreement, which is quite a feat after a first visit to Japan.
Les Aromates de Provence [herbs of Provence]: translation of various web content into English to advertise that SME’s know-how and promote the Provence region.
Le Moulin aux Moines: as pioneers in organic food for over 40 years, our client perpetuates artisan know-how through regional specialities based on spelt and more than 1,500 organically-farmed products. In particular, we translate their leaflets, price lists, descriptions and precautions for use.

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