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With over twenty years’ experience in the translation industry, we have developed workshops and support on various topics: management of translation-related risks, optimisation of costs, processes and quality, and integration of artificial intelligence into processes

Are you a public institution or a private company seeking answers to your questions about the most suitable translation technologies and processes for your requirements?   Are you a buyer within a group or an SME, wanting to maintain tighter control over the use of translation in your business? Would you like to implement a dashboard enabling you to better understand and optimise translation costs by department or by language combination?   Are you responsible for technical documentation in your company, having to manage all manuals, documents and their up-to-date versions in multiple languages? Would you like to get advice on programs compatible with your own, to improve consistency between translations or implement a glossary within your company?   As the manager of a translation agency, do you want to increase your margin and optimise the systems you use so that your teams stay focussed on adding value, but do not know how to incorporate artificial intelligence into your organisation?

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Why call in consultants ?

We have over twenty years’ experience, and have weathered many a challenge resulting from the changes in a variety of lines of business, including our own. We support companies, institutions and large groups to define, prepare and implement their translation strategy. We can support you by turning your translations into more responsible, sustainable and considered investments, which deliver measurable return.   Six Continents is also the representative French translation company in Eulogia, the European alliance of translation agencies. This alliance only accepts one member per language, so our presence demonstrates both our expertise and peer-recognition of our values. As a player in the translation industry for over a decade, Six Continents also offers its support and skills in new technologies, for creating specifications as part of your calls for tenders, and for managing your projects.

For translation agencies

Gaëtan Chretiennot, founder and director of Six Continents, is a certified trainer for several CAT (Computer-Aided Translation) and project management programs and shares his knowledge with his peers though consultancy services, and also through talks he gives at professional conferences around the world. As a consultant, he particularly helps translation agencies address their technology needs, so as to streamline processes and recruit translators for the next generation. Gaëtan is also involved as an expert quality consultant as regards programs, technologies and artificial intelligence for translation companies or private businesses. He passes his knowledge on to students in three Master’s degree courses in Strasbourg and Mulhouse Universities.   He emphasises:

“We now want to fully leverage the potential offered by artificial intelligence (AI). By doing so and working hand-in-hand with our clients, we allow them to benefit from a significant competitive advantage: translations that are faster, more affordable and of higher quality.”

He is also the technology expert for the European Eulogia alliance, in which Six Continents is the exclusive member for France.

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For private businesses and buyers

How to prepare calls for tenders and specifications while ordering translations? How to compare offers from several translation agencies? You need to draft specifications incorporating all the needs of your “internal customers’’ and provide as much information as possible. As far as possible, you want to avoid questions during the enquiry process.

Will you be faced with such issues in the coming months?

As our industry remains fairly unknown to institutional decision-makers in general, Peggy Santerre who is a translation strategy expert, advises public buyers in their purchasing strategy for linguistic services. She plays an essential part in the success of collaborations by setting out the most suitable strategies on a case-by-case basis. In particular, she implements innovative processes within companies, online shops and institutions to optimise the translation cycle and quality, while also ensuring full control and visibility over costs. The offer comprises an audit of needs, drafting technical documents for calls for tenders, assistance in answering questions and help understanding translation technologies and processes. Would you like to have a telephone appointment to tells us about your needs?

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Technical documentation manager

Distributing multilingual technical documentation safe in the knowledge that you are not taking any risks. Automating and simplifying updates across all languages. Linking up your own writing software to the supplier’s translation environment. Finding a solution to manage the flows of your drafted and translated documents… Do you have to face such challenges on a routine basis? People in charge of technical documentation shoulder heavy responsibilities. You do not know all the languages you have to deliver, and yet you would be responsible for the consequences of translation errors… which can be significant, depending on the type of business. You may have already considered several solutions for managing translations and controlling those risks, but are you really comfortable handling multilingual content? Would you like to arrange a call during which you tell us about your needs and requirements? You might discover new strategies and solutions that could be useful to you.

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