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Six‌ ‌Continents‌ is a solution-oriented agency that has been recognised for its commitment to quality and innovation through dual certification‌.‌ ‌


Our values
We are extremely proud of our values. Why? They are the cornerstones of our business, guiding us in our routine work and the decisions we take. ‌   They represent what is shared by our two directors: ‌Gaëtan‌ ‌Chrétiennot‌ ‌and ‌Peggy‌ ‌Santerre.‌ They had the idea and wish to combine their complementary strengths by defining their individual ikigai (purpose in life).
Above all, Six‌ ‌Continents‌ ‌is based on values and not simply a desire to create revenue.
Here is the raison‌ ‌d’être‌ of our business, which gives meaning to each project we manage for our clients:






Standards and certifications
The dedication to quality and innovation shown by the company is now officially recognised by dual quality certification.

Through such dual certification,‌ ‌one‌ ‌of the first in France in 2020, Six‌ ‌Continents‌ leverages innovation‌ ‌to offer the technological and human solutions that are best suited to each need for international and multi-channel communication‌.

As a client of our agency, you will also enjoy a guarantee of trust and transparency: all our translations, ‌whether human, machine or hybrid,‌ can now be certified.

Standard ‌ISO‌ ‌17100‌‌

Proven procedures in human translation

Clients rightly appreciate this demanding standard, because it provides the best guarantees regarding:

• Translation management procedures;‌

• Qualification‌ ‌of translators and reviewers;‌

• Indispensable steps for achieving the desired quality standard.‌

In particular, this stringent standard requires a two-stage process: professional translation, followed by professional revision. Those two stages ‌must necessarily be carried out by two different linguists, who combine their skills for a flawless result.‌

Standard ‌ISO‌ ‌18587‌‌

‌The excellence‌ ‌of the professional post-editing‌ process

Now that the quality of our translation processes has earned official recognition, Six‌ ‌Continents‌ ‌intends to go much further by continuing to innovate.

Gaëtan‌ ‌Chrétiennot,‌ ‌founder,‌ ‌emphasises:‌

We are now looking to exploit the full potential of artificial intelligence (IA). As a result, we will now work along with our clients to provide them with a tangible competitive edge: ‌faster, more affordable and higher quality translations.

As a pioneer of new procedures‌ and ‌approaches,‌ ‌Six‌ ‌Continents‌ ‌offers machine translation improved by human linguists,‌ ‌as well as hybrid strategies particularly well suited to online stores or when you have to understand and respond to calls for tender in record time. ‌ ‌These capabilities, which were mastered long ago by Six‌ ‌Continents‌, are hard to find in France, where ‌agencies certified for this particular process are rare.‌
Six‌ ‌Continents‌ ‌is the established language-services partner of large multinational corporations and major institutions.‌ We translate content for numerous ‌very small, small and medium-sized enterprises in Europe. Ask us about our translation references in your specific field! ‌ Our strategic location in the Eurométropole‌ ‌de‌ ‌Strasbourg‌,‌ ‌seat of the ‌‌European Parliament‌,‌ ‌the Council of Europe‌,‌ ‌the ‌‌European Court of Human Rights‌‌ ‌and ‌‌other European Institutions‌‌‌ ‌means we can put the most talented professionals (translators, proofreaders, computer graphics specialists, translation project managers, etc.) to work for you.

Our translators’ quality approach

Everyone can try their hand at translation, but true success hinges on not making compromises! That is why we give you the best of ourselves, our qualified translators and our professional linguists. ‌Our translation and localisation‌ process complies with the ISO‌ ‌17100:2015‌‌ ‌quality standard on Requirements for translation services: ‌   ● Selection‌ of the best linguists‌ ‌(translators,‌ ‌proofreaders,‌ ‌reviewers,‌ ‌project managers, etc.).‌ ‌ Pre-production processes and activities ‌(quote,‌ ‌agreement,‌ ‌administration,‌ ‌technical preparation of the files to be translated, etc.).‌ ‌ Production process ‌(project management, translation,‌ ‌proofreading,‌ ‌revision,‌ ‌correction, etc.).‌ ‌ Post-production process‌ ‌(interaction‌ ‌with the client, follow-up after delivery, administration, etc.).‌

Management of the parties involved

Each translator working with Six Continents is carefully selected and assessed. Their skills and references are thoroughly checked before they are included in our database. Our professional translators undergo continuous quality controls and each translation is rated, to keep their performance score up-to-date.


The quality of our service depends on the quality of our processes and of all those involved, and also on our ability to take your specific needs on board. Project managers oversee the smooth running of operations by coordinating the translation process with you, translators, proofreaders and the various in-house linguists and specialists. So you always know where you are!

Preliminary analysis of the translation

Before starting a complex project, our language engineers and computer graphics specialists make sure that your files are compatible with our professional translation environment. We take all necessary precautions before starting work, to avoid unexpected delays and incidents.

Quality assurance‌

Quality assurance is a key concern in respect of all our professional translations. Quality assurance allows us to eliminate potential errors reliably and efficiently. This step is carried out by a translator other than the one responsible for the translation. Details of the quality control verifications applied after every translation

  • the target text fulfils its goal in the culture of the target language, and the proper terminology is used (comparison of source and target texts).
  • the terminology is used correctly, in line with any reference material given by the client.
  • the full meaning of the source text has been reproduced
  • spelling, punctuation and figures are error-free
  • terminology is consistent and follows recognised terminology in the field
  • the translation is idiomatically correct
  • the page layout is maintained
  • any necessary adaptation has been made
  • any reference material supplied has been used (glossary, previous translation, etc.)
  • The project is delivered in accordance with the purchase order and other instructions for the project.

To benefit from all the advantages of quality assurance, join our loyal customers and let us manage your terminology and translation memories, two very good resources for making your translations better than ever before.

Final inspection

All translations undergo a second review. That final step is performed by the project managers. It involves a last check of the project after quality control, for an overview (page layout, compliance with instructions, etc.)


Our technologies
We use collaborative tools wherever possible, particularly to give you access to the project and make it easy for you to be involved in the translation cycle if you wish. Technical or ‌marketing‌ ‌content often requires direct approval by our customers or one of their partners in the local market. We offer the option of approving translated content directly online.
Whether your projects are drafted in a simple Word file, using Adobe InDesign or ‌Frame‌Maker,‌ ‌or in more structured formats such as DITA‌‌ ‌and ‌‌Docbook‌,‌ ‌both XML-based,‌ ‌we will be able to translate them and keep them in their original format. ‌   If you use ‌structured authoring software for your leaflets and manuals and have regular translation needs, we can connect to your system (‌Scenari‌‌‌,‌ ‌Flare, etc.) and be alerted automatically of updates and new content to translate…‌ ‌while also including your reviewers in the translation cycle for each language. ‌ By integrating the translation directly into the format‌ of your drafting program, on or offline, we can help you save valuable time.
We can also set up scenarios by labelling your content by type:‌   ● Translation requiring human translation ‌ ● Translation requiring ‌hybrid translation ‌ ● Translation requiring machine translation ‌ ‌ Do you want to go a little further into this subject? Every project is different: contact our Translation Strategies Expert‌ ‌for an overview of our innovative solutions‌.‌

Computer-Aided Translation:‌ 

We work with computer-aided translation (CAT) programs that enable us to reuse past translations, so as to ensure consistent terminology. However, computer-aided translation must be differentiated from machine translation:‌ ‌‌our translators are human, for a faultless result.

We use dozens of different platforms and programs to achieve the same goal. We are not held down by a single working environment. Quite the opposite, our technological lead allows us to select the best system for your projects.
We use collaborative tools wherever possible, to give you access to the project and make it easy for you to be involved in the translation cycle.
Translators always use the right tool to capitalise on stored content, in order to ensure consistent translation and optimum turnaround times. ‌

Online tracking platform

You can place orders by email, of course, but also through our customer portal, which then allows you to track the status of the translation ‌(progress, history,‌ ‌delivery, invoicing, etc.) ‌

Our platform is particularly appreciated by buyers, for the statistics on volumes‌ ‌by language combination,‌ ‌by department or by originator, etc. Being able to accurately track your use, with regular reports, is an undisputable advantage (change in budget,‌ cost savings linked to our technology tools, quality monitoring etc.). For their part, our clients’ accounting departments appreciate access to invoices and to old quotes and translations.

Six Continents met our needs very efficiently. We are very happy with their responsiveness and professional approach and the technical accuracy of their translations.” Isabelle Zimmermann, manager of the Unité Etudes Générales et Prospectives du Conseil départemental du Bas-Rhin [General and Prospective Studies Unit of the Bas-Rhin regional council]


the team
Director, Founder


As a qualified professional translator, I have been handling a variety of language challenges since 1995. The Six Continents signature is the promise of a profession practised with passion. Lecturer at Strasbourg University (Caweb and TCLoc Masters course). Technology consultant and instructor for translation agencies.
Director, Strategy Expert

Peggy Santerre

My role: – working with each client to define the most appropriate strategy for their translation needs – proposing innovative processes within companies, online shops and institutions to optimise the translation cycle and quality, while also ensuring full control and visibility over costs. As a lecturer at Aix Marseille University teaching students preparing a Master’s degree in Technical Translation and a well-connected businesswoman, I have nearly 20 years’ experience in the field of translation.
Project Manager, Translator

Julie Brabant

As a qualified professional translator, I apply my passion for languages, travel, good food and reading to the service of your projects. I enjoy the essential link between people, languages, cultures, and world views that is reflected in the translations I organise for you.
Team manager, Translation

Amélie Sanchez

As a qualified professional translator, my career has involved managing projects in multicultural environments, in France and abroad. I am organised, flexible and responsive, and contribute to the success of all your projects.
Project Manager, Translator

Richard Martin

As a conscientious translator, I enjoy my exchanges with clients, to find precise and effective solutions for their needs. Adjusting a translation to meet strict requirements in line with preferred terminology makes me proud of every project I translate or revise.
Project Manager, Translator

Stéphanie Golczyk

With French as my mother tongue and German as my ‘father’ tongue, I have always straddled two cultures, equally loving them both. My attention to detail, thorough approach and extensive experience give me the satisfaction of being able to manage the most complex translation projects.

Julien Egensperger

As a translator, reviser and tech enthusiast, I have developed expertise in different fields: e-learning, IT, sports. As a lecturer at Mulhouse University, I enjoy passing on my experience to future translators. A worthwhile exchange that also allows me to discover the new generation of technology tools essential to our profession.


Join us!
Six Continents is strategically located in the Eurométropole de Strasbourg, seat of the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, the European Court of Human Rights and other European Institutions‌, with the aim of putting the most talented professionals (translators, proofreaders, computer graphics specialists, translation project managers, etc.) to work for you.
Our success hinges on the skills, qualification, motivation and enthusiasm of our whole team of professional linguists. We are always on the look-out for outstanding translators and proofreaders, as well as revisers, multilingual computer graphics specialists and translation project managers.
For an internal position, please send your application to If you are a freelance professional translator or represent a translation agency, apply directly through our supplier portal: We will contact you to get to know you, check your qualifications and references, and assess your professional capabilities.

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