Interpretation, sub-titling, voice-over and dubbing

Are your videos only in French, keeping your foreign targets out of reach?
Do your meetings need to be interpreted into your opposite numbers’ language?
Have you noticed that free online machine translation of your web content is not quite adequate for catching your prospects’ eyes?
Video has never been so accessible and on-trend. There are ever more video channels, and Internet has revolutionised the way in which we communicate. We can decide what to watch, and also when and where. Our professional translation agency takes your message to the world by making your audiovisual content understandable to everyone. Transcription, sub-titling, dubbing or adding a voice-over commentary are some of the practical and effective ways to reach users of other languages. With these solutions, Six Continents facilitates and simplifies the localisation of your video content.


There are several type of interpretation and you have to determine which is most appropriate to your situation. Clarity is really essential when you want to send a message to an audience, especially if you intend to organise international events with participants coming from the four corners of the world. An interpretation service can also be useful for your smaller meetings, during visits abroad or in the offices of your international customers. Multilingualism has certainly been more in evidence for a few years now as a result of globalisation, but you sometimes need to bring in interpreters when advanced language skills are required.   There are several types of interpretation:

Simultaneous interpretation

simple verbal translation as a speaker delivers their message. Six Continents interpreters sit in a soundproof booth with the equipment needed to produce high quality work and transmit a live translated version of a speech.

Consecutive interpretation

is what is done by an interpreter listening to the speaker, taking notes and rendering the information straight into the listener’s mother tongue. Such an interpreter needs no equipment other than a pen and a notebook. This method costs less than simultaneous interpretation and generally results in fewer omissions and improved message transmission, since the interpreter has more time to translate their notes.

Remote interpretation (simultaneous or consecutive)

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Six Continents offers a ‘new-generation’ tool which enables you to organise remote meetings while also benefiting from an interpretation system. Often, decisions need to be taken at any time, especially when the international economic situation is difficult. With our simultaneous interpretation tool, you now have a solution for continuing the dialogue with your remote contacts using your smartphone or computer. This solution is convenient, since it includes a listening and a speaking option in the most commonly used languages, and can also be connected to conventional distance meeting tools such as Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting and others.


The use of transcription continues to be rare on platforms other than YouTube, and even there, it is not optimised, since it is entirely automated. And yet this is a very useful way of retrieving the words from your audiovisual content and transforming them into typed text, scripts or sub-title files, which observe the practices, constraints and standards of the other language.
Sub-titling, which is the best way to make a video understandable, becomes even easier when the content has first been transcribed.
According to a study by PLYmedia of 2009, 91% of sub-titled videos are watched to the end, compared to 66% of videos without sub-titles. That is a significant difference. In addition, user engagement increases when they watch a sub-titled video, meaning they are more likely to comment and join the discussion. That is another benefit.


Sub-titling means your audio content can be seen and understood by anyone anywhere: in public transport or public places where turning off the sound will not come in the way of the understanding of your videos.
We can add sub-titles in your chosen language at the bottom of the screen, to make your videos understandable to more people.
Our professional audiovisual translators work strictly within the limitations on the length of sub-titles and synchronisation.


After first securing a professional translation of your message, the audio track of your videos is replaced by the voice of one or more professional dubbers, who read the text translated into their mother tongue, while keeping the original meaning intact. This takes longer than a voice-over since the original audio track has to be deleted and the new one added to fit perfectly with what is displayed on the screen.


Unlike dubbing, the original audio track is kept in your video, with the volume turned down. A new track is added, with the voice of a speaker providing a translation of the message in their mother tongue. This solution makes your video more accessible, but requires fewer resources and less time to implement compared to dubbing.
Your publications will never reach their targets if we fail to be responsive, if the emotion needed for the enjoying the content is missing, or if the costs are not kept under control.

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