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Transcreation, or creative translation, brings into play language, emotion and culture all at once. This is quite unlike marketing translation or localisation (translation to adapt to a market), as it involves creating content for a given market.   A successful advertising campaign relies on the message (language) and its emotional impact (emotion) on the target market (culture).

Solution 1

professional marketing translation

Our best marketing translators will deliver perfect translations: your content will be adapted to the target language and culture. To put the smallest details of your text across with all the subtlety of another language, our professional marketing translators will adapt idiomatic expressions and preserve your tone and style.   The result, however accomplished, will still be a translation. Even if the form of your source text will have disappeared, the substance will be absolutely identical.

Solution 2

localisation (translation adapted for a market)

Localisation goes beyond marketing translation in the sense that the content is adapted for the target market in all aspects (specific language and culture). Thus, some advertisements in French for the same product will be different in France, Switzerland, Canada… Most video games, cartoons and films are localised.

Solution 3

transcreation (the creative tool par excellence)

Transcreation is a purely creative process: your message is entirely redesigned for its specific target. All aspects of communication are taken into account, exactly as an advertising agency would do. Beyond their linguistic and advertising talents, transcreators draw upon the image, values and goals of your campaign and your brand. Transcreated content will be able to reach your consumers emotionally. Six Continents offers you linguists that work as master craftspeople of words, cultures and emotions. An essential advantage for a new means of communicating.

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