Human Translation

Ideal for:

  • Your technical manuals, data sheets and technical descriptions, safety standards, parts lists, drawings, certification procedures, catalogues, specifications, operating instructions, user guides, industrial proposals, responses to calls for tenders, sales brochures, etc.
  • Your contracts, articles of association, rules, judgements, shareholders’ agreements, company incorporation documents, reports, minutes, etc.
  • Your balance sheets, annual financial reports, balance sheet analyses, business analyses, market analyses, financial commentaries, official reports, business plans, share issue plans, investor information, audit reports, etc.
  • Your press packs and releases, publications on social media, articles, sales brochures and documents, etc.
  • Your software, user guides, maintenance manuals, software text and strings, etc.
  • Your patents, descriptions, claims, trademark registrations, abstracts, etc.


Why choose a human translation?

Our qualified professional translators work only in their mother tongue and specialised fields. The ‘safety net’ of independent proofreading, where a professional reviewer teams up with a translator to ensure the best quality, style and consistency. We will set up a dedicated team for recurrent jobs. Take advantage of the guarantee of our professional ISO 17100 certification. Our certified human translation procedures are synonymous with safety: management of translations, qualification of translators and reviewers, thorough checks at each stage of the project to achieve the desired quality. Our advanced resources enable us to detect similarities in your documents. In addition to greater consistency and therefore quality, that results in significant time and cost savings!

Your Project Manager will help you achieve your goals:

  • Preliminary assessment of your needs (free quote)
  • Single point of contact for a focussed relationship
  •  Prices that are finely adjusted for the job
  • New-generation translation memories Turn your translation expenditure into an investment, so that you do not have to pay twice for the same sentence!
  • Continually populated terminology Consistency and terminological precision become a reality.
  • Effective Quality Assurance Powerful tools to eliminate the major causes of possible errors in your texts!
  • Identical page layout Your documents are returned to you in their original format and page layout, allowing immediate use.

Special solutions for sworn translations:

  • Company registration certificates, proxy instruments, agreements, judgements, experts’ reports, private deeds, notarised attestations, legal documents etc.
  • Identification documents, driving licences, birth certificates, marriage certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, affidavits in law, etc.
  • Qualifications, grade sheets, police records, certificates of nationality, etc.
We work from your digitised documents to save time. No need to send us the originals by post. Double delivery: in digital form, followed by the sworn originals delivered by normal or express post. We work with professional sworn translators, who are officially recognised by local courts, courts of appeal or the Ministry for External Affairs for your sworn legal translations. Their official seal certifies that the translation is true to the original, giving it legal value for all official purposes.

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