Do you want your online shop to be as effective in other countries as it is in your own? Or have you had your e-shop translated into a foreign language, but that has not produced the expected results in the target country? Or do you want to stand apart from websites offering machine translations that do not look trustworthy and fail to generate sales?
The international deployment of your e-commerce store brings its own problems. You need to know the habits of local shoppers, translate product descriptions, automate processes to obtain a prompt translation as soon as a new product is put online, identify the right keywords, adapt your payment and delivery methods, create and drive a community on social media, provide after-sales service, and much more.
You might have asked a conventional translation service provider to translate your e-shop, or used a simple machine translation tool.
What is your current situation and what are your plans?
Selling from an online platform is more than shipping a product from a warehouse to a buyer. It involves creating a good user experience. Providing Internet users with all the available information in their own language is still the best way to attract, and more importantly to keep visitors on your site and to increase your chances of converting them into customers. That is why we can help you roll out versions of your online store in a large number of languages, keeping our focus on the results that delivers. Let us support you in your international deployment! Rolling out your e-commerce shop will allow you to reach more customers across the world or in targeted markets.

You need to:

  • Translate a Shopify e-shop
  • Translate a Prestashop e-shop
  • Translate a Drupal e-commerce site
  • Translate a Joomla online shop
  • Translate an Etsy e-commerce site
  • Translate a Magento e-commerce site
  • Translate a Jumpseller, WooCommerce, OpenCart, Sylius, ShopKeep or other site
Our expert consultants will rise to the challenge of determining the translation strategy for your online shop to keep you safe from common pitfalls: SEO, translation only when the online shop needs to be localised, adaptation of currencies and units of measurement, local customs and habits… Artificial Intelligence is not a passing fad. Six Continents allows you to leverage smart translation, cleverly combining the practical possibilities of Artificial Intelligence with the human skills of our specialised translators. We are committed to providing you with the necessary help for your internationalisation strategies.
Here are the key points that receive our full attention when we localise your e-shop:

Hybrid translation of your e-shop

In France, businesses and institutions often use professional human translation services only, but their cost is not always appropriate for the intended purpose. At the other extreme, others settle for in-house translation by employees with varying abilities in the relevant language, free online machine translation (without a thought for the huge security and confidentiality risks involved) or a low-cost solution… which conveys a poor image of the company to readers. To help you find the best translation for your budget, we offer a variety of translation solutions to suit every need: human translation, improved machine translation and hybrid translation that leverages the power of AI. Ideally suited to online shops, hybrid translation combines advanced technology with human creativity and offers undisputed advantages: fewer inconsistencies in translations, higher translation speeds, simplified workflow management, and optimised translation costs. We will analyse your site and offer a winning international strategy. After the identification of products with high added value, best-sellers, least-selling products etc., we ‘label’ the content by importance and impact. The filters we apply allow each description to undergo human or hybrid translation. This solution offers the best compromise available in the market in terms of value for money.

Social media

You already know how to use social media to get users to visit your e-shop. But to extend that approach to your future translated e-shop, you will need to think of a strategy suitable for international commerce. We can support you in that process, particularly by writing or translating publications especially for social media, in your choice of languages. You will raise your profile, interest or approach influencers in the target countries more easily, and create communities.

International before and after-sales service

Have you ever tried to contact a company for product or shipment information and never succeeded in finding someone who could help you out? Everybody knows how frustrating that is. For your e-shop, we can link up with your chatbot, translate your visitors’ questions or set up a telephone switchboard dedicated to your international calls. It would be a pity to put off potential customers because of communication problems. We can take care of making your site accessible to any foreign internet user.

We will adapt your translations not just to the language but also to the culture of the target countries

Translating your site into several languages has become essential. But so many factors have to be considered and will determine your options. Online translation software can deliver speedy translations, but these are rarely good enough to convince consumers looking for high-quality content. Poor translation or localisation can mislead buyers, who find themselves unable to browse your store as they would like to do, or order the product they want.


Your online store in French is effectively listed, and you are well-placed in the results lists of different search engines. You have already set up a version of your e-commerce site in at least one other language, but traffic is disappointing. Listing is crucial for visibility. Indeed, you will have to work on that for each individual language in which your online shop is available. We work closely with a partner who will enable you to achieve double-digit sales growth by centralising all your business across different international marketplaces on a single interface.

Even if the language is identical, expressions can differ from one country to another

The same language may be used in several countries (Portuguese in Portugal, Brazil, Angola etc.). It is not uncommon for expressions to differ from one region of the globe to another. Taking those differences into account will make your Internet users feel more comfortable. They will certainly appreciate your efforts to adapt to their daily language. A personalised translation does not just make it easier to export products, it also makes customers more loyal, earns their trust, and enhances brand awareness.

Do not translate only part of the site (leaving out FAQs, terms & conditions of sale, etc.)

Whenever you post a list of FAQs, terms & conditions of sale or other documents in French containing essential information about your products before, during or after the sale, it is important to translate that material, and more importantly, to adapt it to each country. If a foreign Internet user decides to buy one of your items but cannot understand the terms & conditions of sale, the likelihood of their completing the transaction will drop and your sales will remain sluggish. We can provide advice about such matters.


Many countries have days when sales are higher than on others. Boxing Day for Commonwealth countries or Saint-Patrick’s Day in Ireland are golden opportunities in terms of profit for businesses that decide to pay attention to them. That means that translating an online shop does not stop at translating its content, but also involves being aware of the usages of the countries in which you want to sell your products. That goes hand in hand with expressions that change from one country to another, as mentioned earlier. The details are hugely important, which is why surgical precision is needed in your translations. We offer the possibility of achieving that quality with our teams of professional translators, who are familiar with the customs of their country.

Regular translation updates

You might need to modify your terms & conditions of sale for some exceptional offers. Keeping your translated documents up to date is a good way to avoid problems related to translations cobbled together at the last minute. Also, that avoids confusion in your terms & conditions of sale and clauses between all the languages used.

Translation of currencies and units of measurement

You think your online store has been translated correctly. You put the very latest version online and you get plenty of traffic. However, your new visitors are not buying anything. You notice that the currencies and units of measurement are not those normally used in the countries to which you have decided to export. It is crucial to translate such information, because that has a direct effect on what users think of your site. Imagine if you had to convert the dimensions of each product you are eyeing… converting from Imperial to your usual metric would put you off buying anything from such a website.

We have the expertise to support e-commerce merchants every day to boost their international sales. For example, we implement hybrid solutions that combine artificial intelligence and human translation, to help e-merchants drive their international performance and gain market shares.

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