Automatic and/or hybrid translation

Automatic translation

Ideal for:

  • Working documents that will be used internally
  • Understanding content, with no need for publication
  • Very large volumes of text where their importance does not justify a pure human translation
  • First step before gradually investing in human translation


Ultra-fast and extremely cost-effective machine translation solution (professional translation software), improved upon by a rapid review of the result (correction of conspicuous errors in the translation) by a linguist in their mother tongue. The reduced time spent by a single professional linguist (a third of what is needed for professional translation) allows very short delivery times, and the lowest costs in the market. When you need nothing more than a simple informational translation or if your budget does not stretch to using more advanced translation solutions, you can get a simple working document rapidly for at lower cost.

Benefits of the solution

  • Speedy and very economical translation
  • Available in all editable file formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, InDesign, etc.).
  • Guaranteed data confidentiality (no online translation)
  • Professional machine translation systems, superior to those available online to the general public

Hybrid translation

A new way of translating that combines efficiency and skills In France, businesses and institutions often use professional human translation services only (but the cost is not always in line with the intended purpose). At the other extreme, others settle for in-house translation by employees with varying abilities in the relevant language, free online machine translation (without a thought for the huge security and confidentiality risks involved) or a low-cost solution… which conveys a poor image of the company to readers of the translated content. A pioneer in its procedures and approaches, Six Continents offers machine translations reviewed by humans, hybrid strategies or pure human creativity. These skills, which Six Continents has mastered over several years, are hard to find in France: very few translation agencies are certified for this special process. Our ISO 18587 certification, which is in addition to our ISO 17100 certification, is the standard that governs the process called ‘professional post-editing’ (= improvement by a human translator of machine translation output).

Ideal for:

  • Your documents or products that require speedy translation, but for a lower cost and of better quality than machine translation.
  • Since machine translation is not entirely satisfactory in terms of quality and precision, hybrid translation is doubtless the best option for projects of this type, e.g.

You want to understand the contents of the technical specifications of a call for tenders where you plan to submit a bid. Time is against you and your translation budget is still tight at this stage. The aim here is to allow you to understand the document, fast and for a lower cost.

Your e-shop lists a large number of items. Human translation of all the descriptions would represent too great an investment. With our unique approach, translating your e-commerce site could consist in using three types of translation. The most visible part of the site for each language will be perfectly translated by humans, and products less frequently viewed translated using artificial intelligence, sometimes improved upon by human translators.

Benefits of the solution

  • This type of translation combines the power and speed of Artificial Intelligence with the control and expertise of professional translators.
  • That know-how, which combines advanced technology with human creativity, offers undeniable advantages: 
  • Reduced inconsistencies within translations;
  • Speedier work by linguists;
  • Simplified workflow management;
  • Translators fully dedicated to their tasks;
  • Optimised translation costs.

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