Bringing cultures together – through French subtitling, plus much more

“It’s a small world” is a phrase that we often hear a lot, and the world of internet and videos is helping to make it even smaller. Having videos in your own language helps you slip into a new world and explore new cultures as if they were your own. But, that wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for French subtitling.

Can Six Continents help with all my subtitling needs?

Yes, sure we can. As a boutique provider of expert French subtitling solutions, we’re here to walk you through from start to finish. From transcribing your audio, we’ll then localize then into French so that they’re ready for subtitling then even dubbing

We can help turn your audio files into typed texts, scripts or audio files. Once we’ve got them ready, we can then use them to translate your subtitles into French to help you reach new audiences.

Once we’ve translated your files, we can then help embed your subtitles into the video itself. Our team of professional French and German subtitle translators will have worked with the time constraints of the video, making sure everything matches.

If you’re looking to give your videos a slightly more local feel than subtitling, then our dubbing artists can help by creating specialized French and German audio files that will be used in your original video.

If you need a French or German voice for your video, one of our professional voice-over artists can make sure that your audio tracks are transformed into our native languages. Unlike dubbing, the original audio tracks will be replaced by the ones created by our professional team of French and German voice-over talents.