The right software: a translator’s best friend

No matter what file type for your content is in, chances are we can translate it. So, when you get files back from us, they’ll be looking just like the original. Our team of DTP specialists are here to help make your texts look just like original.

Standard file formats we support

Microsoft Office documents


Open Office files


Text files


DTP files


Other files


A professional translation (also known as localization) is essential to ensure that your content is fully geared up for your new target audience in France. Working online and translating directly through your CMS helps us really understand your brand and its needs when translating your website, software, mobile app, or AdWords campaigns etc…

Advanced technology for your translations

Translation memory

By securely storing every phrase we translate, translation memories help our team of linguists be more productive than ever before.

When a phrase that we’ve already translated appears in a document that we’re translating (even years apart!), the translation we’ve already done will appear so that the translator working on your text can choose to use it or re-translate it. By using existing translations, you’ll not only get your documents back faster, but you’ll also save money as you’ll never have to pay twice for two matching phrases.

Looking after your content smartly
Depending on your products or services, your content might take a number of different forms. In addition, you might even use your content on a number of different channels too. This is why processing your content in the right way will make everything easier for you.

Translation memories are the ideal solution for all your updates

Thanks to translation memories, documents that need minor changes can simply be updated, rather than starting again from scratch. So say goodbye to the tedious job of having to go through your documents and making sure that everything is where it needs to be!
By letting us translate your updates, we’ll take a translation-sized weight off your back. You’ll also get your updated multilingual documentation back with no delays, while saving money too!

Terminology management

When it comes to having your products and services in French, we can help you choose the right terminology for you, and make sure it’s used properly of course.
If you’re company is using specific terms and jargon that could be translated in a couple of different ways (e.g. synonyms), we’ll help you decide which are the right words to use and make sure that your translations are consistent from day one.
Your terminological dictionary will consist of both approved and banned words, which you’ll have the final say on. It’ll contain the name of all your products, services, software, apps, interfaces etc. Then by using the latest terminology software, we can make sure that your terminology preferences are always kept to, which proves really useful if you’re using a team of more than one translator.

CAT tools

There are so many different CAT tools on the market now, that French vendors like us have to use all of them. So that’s what we do! We work with all of the following CAT tools to ensure that your needs are met:

  • Trados studio
  • MemoQ
  • SmartCAT
  • Smartling
  • Transifex
  • Phrase app
  • Passolo
  • Memsource
  • Wordfast Across