Scientific & Technical translations

French technical translations

French technical translations are highly specific and also involve technical writing skills too. Our team of technical linguists not only have translation qualifications, they’ve also got experience in whichever technical field you need. Our project managers analyze your project when you send it over, and assign a technical translator that is used to dealing with texts like yours. They’ll then check the type of document and make sure it’s translated appropriately, depending on if it’s meant for the general public or someone more technical.

What type of technical documentation can you translate into French?

We can translate documents such as technical manuals, security documentation, certification procedures, catalogues, user manuals, industrial offers etc.

Do you offer discounts for technical translations into French?

When it comes to technical documentation, there are an awful lot of repeated phrases. That’s why having a translation memory can really help you cut down on translation costs. Translation memories remember phrases that have already been translated, and when they appear again they show up for the translators to either approve or re-translate. If the sentence is the same all they need to do is approve it, which means you don’t have to pay twice (even if they are years apart)! Plus it all helps with consistency.

How can I be sure that my French technical terms and translated correctly?

We’ll sit down with you and help you create a terminological dictionary. This is a list of approved terms in French, that our translators have to keep to. It also contains lists of banned words that our translators shouldn’t use when translating.

If you’d like to know more about our French technical translation services, all you have to do is get in touch.