Relecture professionnelle

French proofreading

French proofreading is a vital part of our translation process. Proofreading is performed by one of our French proofreaders, who are qualified linguists and native speakers.

Proofreading is included in our professional translation packages at no extra cost.

We offer two different types of French proofreading packages. One of which is proofreading the target text without referencing the source text. It’ll focus on your French texts, and make sure that they’re flawless.

If you’ve got a very specialist text and need to make sure the terminology is the same, our bilingual French proofreading can help. Our qualified proofreaders will go through both the source and target languages and make sure that everything matches up.

For texts we didn’t translate ourselves, we charge by the amount of time spent proofreading. This is because translations vary in terms of quality, meaning the amount of time taken to proofread it varies too.Translation isn’t easy, which is why it takes time to get the perfect product.

Quality checks

Once your French texts have been proofread, we’ll carry out extensive quality checks before delivery.

We use the most powerful tools out there to support our linguists, which help make sure even the tiniest typo doesn’t get overlooked.

This is what the reviewer focuses on:

  • Has everything been translated?
  • Have the instructions been followed?
  • Were the reference documents used?
  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Style, tone
  • Language
  • Getting rid of inappropriate terms or offensive language
  • Regional differences
  • Numbers, dates, times, measurements, brand and product names, etc.
  • Punctuation, breaks, parentheses, hyphens
  • No prohibited characters
  • Unifying global terminolo
  • Conformity with your requirements, glossary, translation memory etc.
  • Making sure no prohibited terms are there
  • Consistency
  • Making sure the formatting is correct
  • Checking things like fonts
  • Hyphenation