Marketing translations

Marketing translations into French don’t have to be a chore.

Writing good marketing copy in your native language is tricky enough, let alone having to make all your French marketing translations are correct too. That’s why we work with an expert team made up of 100% linguists who will make sure that they give your texts that native French feel, while at the same time making sure that your style and message is conveyed at all times.

What types of French marketing translations can you handle?

Marketing texts can come in all shapes and forms, which our French marketing translations team can handle very well. Our experts can help with anything from website localization, SEO, AdWord campaigns, brochures, social media content, presentations, media etc. Basically, whatever you need, we’ll make sure we can help.

How do you ensure that my marketing texts work in French?

By specializing in our the native language, we can ensure that nothing will ever be lost in translation. Our team of French marketing translators have years of experience transforming our clients’ texts to ensure that they represent you, just like the way ghostwriting does. We’ll work with your style guide, and even help you create one for your French texts to ensure they have the same voice no matter when you get your marketing texts translated. Our translators are talented writers, they’ll make sure that your texts get that luxury feel you’re looking for, ready to seduce your new French market.

We understand how the French buy and what makes them tick. So if you’d like to benefit from our expertise and get your brand out there, all you have to do is get in touch and your personal project manager will be happy to help.