About us

What we stand for

Six continents – a world full of smiles

Six Continents is a boutique provider of luxury French translations. Just like your standard boutique, we fit our services around the needs of our clients. We’re here to walk with you every step of the way of your international journey, as more than a service provider, by being your partner. We’ve been driven by innovation since our launch, and use the latest technology out there to help support your needs.

Behind every translation success, there’s a successful team, bringing their skills, motivation, and effort together. Here at Six Continents, our team works tirelessly, putting our linguistic passion at the forefront of everything we do, to help give our clients that luxury experience and partnership they deserve.

Being ethically and socially responsible is something we care strongly about. We’re a team made up of 100% linguists, meaning every penny we earn goes straight to the experts doing the hard translation work. Transforming a text from one language to another is a form of art that requires an exceptional attention to detail. Without translators, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do which is why we only work with the best of the best, and ensure they receive the pay they deserve. By watching our spending elsewhere, we’re able to give you the best French translators Europe has to offer while passing these savings on to you.

Passing on our passion to the next generation of translators is something we love. We not only teach at the University of Strasbourg, we also offer fully paid internships to the most promising translation students, working with them and mentoring them to give them the best possible start in their translation career.

All of our linguists (translators, proofreaders, graphic designers…) and partners are treated with the respect they deserve. This includes knowing what to expect right from the very beginning, short payment terms, continuous training, being able to benefit from partnerships with our technology partners, and being there to help whenever they need it.

It’s important for us to work towards sustainable development

Our state-of-the-art technology and IT tools have allowed us to reduce the amount of paper and ink we use by 95%. We only have one printer in our office and even use refillable ink cartridges.

All of our paper comes from ecologically-friendly sources that are EU Eco-label certified and come from responsibly managed forests.

We’re lucky to benefit from such bright offices that mean we don’t need to have the lights on during the day! Our computers are also turned off at night/over the weekends, and we’re always working on eco-mode.

Our offices are so easily accessible by public transport that we don’t have anyone in the office that needs to drive to work!

It’s the little things that make all the difference. We do all we can to help the environment, from writing with refillable pens to choosing low-energy lamps.

We even recycle your translations using translation memories: this means you never have to pay twice to translate the same phrases!