With conference season upon us, what better time to than the present to talk about the benefits of networking? No matter what industry you’re in – from translation to astrophysics, there are so many benefits of networking just waiting for you to take advantage of. If you’re a bit of an introvert, no worries! We’re here to talk you through networking success.

We’ve got a busy schedule, so if you’re heading to any of the events below, our CEO Gaëtan Chrétiennot will be at:

Business connections & personal relationships

We think the first benefit of networking really has to be about business connections. It’s hard to put into words, but there’s something special about meeting someone in person and forming a special connection. Not only having a face to put to the name, meeting is proven to greatly increase your sales, as it helps partnerships and trust flourish.


When you’re at a conference, it’s very unlikely you’re going to know everyone there straight away. But if you know a couple of people, they’re normally happy to introduce you to people they know, and so on. Getting introduced to someone via someone they trust not only helps to vouch for your credibility, but it also acts as a kind of unwritten reference, in turn increasing the chance of working together.

Raising your business profile

No matter how great your business is if no one knows about you, your sales are going to suffer. While not every conference may end with tons of new clients, brand awareness and getting your name out there is a benefit in itself. Just remember, if people don’t have a need for your service right now, you should always aim to be the person that comes to mind the minute they do have that need.

Advice and support

Running a business isn’t easy. And even if you’re not a business owner – whatever job you do, you’re going to face challenges along the way. That’s where meeting likeminded people really helps, as you have someone to bounce ideas off of and get advice when things get a bit tough. When you’re stuck in the office you may feel like you’re alone quite a bit of the time, but if you take the time out to network, you’ll soon realise there are plenty of business owners in the same boat as you.


Are you looking for a new team member but not having much luck recruiting locally? No matter what type of conference you go to, you might just meet that perfect new addition. And even if you don’t, at least you’ve got your name out there to potential candidates!


No matter how hard we try to keep on top of the latest trends, there aren’t enough hours in the day to master everything. With so many new ways of doing business, going to events can really help you see things from a different perspective. You might find ways to improve your ops or even a new piece of software that’ll be a massive help to your team.


Last but not least, friendships are found in the most unlikely of places. Yes that’s right – it is possible to make life-long friends at events. Especially if you’re in the same industry, if you meet up a couple of times a year, it starts to feel like a big family reunion. You never know – you might even meet Mr or Mrs Right there!