How marketing translation can perfect your localization project

How marketing translation can perfect your localization project

When faced with a project that requires both translation and localization, a language service provider must first ensure they are adequately equipped with the expertise needed. In marketing translation, an expert knowledge of marketing techniques is required, alongside translation skills and cultural knowledge of the target audience. This makes marketing translation a very niche skill, and projects involving marketing shouldn’t be taken lightly. When looking for a translation agency to translate your marketing campaign, you should always ensure they are experts in marketing translation to guarantee the success of your campaign.


Translation vs Localisation – what’s the difference?

With translation, the desired outcome is simply making the language comprehensible in a target language however, when localization is involved, the output must, not only be comprehensible, but also culturally relevant to the target audience. Not only that, but the content must be scalable and efficient, whilst also meeting the cultural expectations of the target market at hand.


Choosing an expert marketing translator

When choosing a language service provider for your marketing translation requirements, it’s important to ensure that they are experts in marketing translation, and not just standard translation. An expert marketing translator should have excellent writing skills, a sufficient cultural understanding of the target market and should be willing to gain a full understanding of your brand, so as to best emulate your mission when completing the translation project. These skills are not found in every professional translator, instead, they are specific to those who are specialist marketing translators. This way, you are safe in the knowledge that your project is in the best hands.


Benefits of marketing translation

When a company decides to invest in marketing translation, the benefits can be seen almost immediately! Marketing translators are experts in ensuring your message is heard in its truest form, by the target market. When given a source text, marketing translators will first evaluate how the message is intended to be heard and work from there, rather than how the text explicitly translates. In doing this, the translator knows the best way to move forward in terms of terminology, word choice and overall message. Marketing translation is also an excellent way to prove to your target market that you take them seriously and you’re willing to reach them on their terms which increases brand recognition and reputation – both of which are major positives for sales!


Translation or transcreation – which is best for my campaign?

When delivering a campaign in a foreign country or language, it’s important to acknowledge how the message may be received. There have been many instances in the past of marketing translation going wrong, and this usually happens with a lack of transcreation. Transcreation is essential for companies who may not have a perfect understanding of their target market’s cultural background, and need a little help ensuring their message is clear. However, if your company is sure that they have done the appropriate research into language perception and cultural awareness for their target market, then marketing translation will suffice.



If you decide to localize your marketing campaign, please do not underestimate the power of marketing translation. Poor translation of a campaign can have negative impacts both on the brand and on sales, as it can damage the brand’s image with the target market at hand. For more information on how we can provide the expert marketing translation required by your company, email us at traduction@sixcontinents.fr.