Top French Translation Universities

Top French Translation Universities

So you want to be a translator, it takes more than knowing two or more languages, it’s about immersing yourself in the culture of the language. Fluency in another language means being able to comprehend, speak, read, and write in that language at the level of an educated native speaker. Being fluent is only the first step in becoming a professional translator or interpreter. Like any other profession, it requires practice, experience, and training.

When looking for employment in a localisation company or as a translator, employers will want to see your credentials. Having credentials provides documentation that you have the skills required to translate or interpret professionally. Many universities offer advanced degrees and professional certifications in translation – Here is a list we have compiled of the top French translation universities to earn your accreditation!

From around the world

Dublin City University – Dublin, Ireland

Masters in Translation Studies (MA)

The MA in Translation Studies at Dublin City University is a one-year, full-time or a two year part-time (daytime classes) programme which provides advanced linguistic and technical training, leading to a postgraduate qualification in Translation Studies.

Dublin City University is the only Irish university offering a comprehensive postgraduate programme in Translation Studies, with a wide range of modules including Translation Technology, Audiovisual Translation, Translation as a Profession, Research Methodologies, Translation Theory, Simulated Translation Bureau. Students take Translation Practice modules in one or two of French, German, Irish, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Translation is into English except for students taking Irish who work into Irish.

The MA in Translation Studies at DCU is a member of the European Masters in Translation (EMT) Network established by the Directorate-General for Translation at the European Commission. This has established the MA programme as one of the most prestigious in Europe. DCU is the only University on the island of Ireland to host programmes admitted to the EMT. For more information see: https://ec.europa.eu/info/european-masters-translation-emt_en

Lecturers on the MA in Translation Studies at Dublin City University are internationally recognised scholars in the field of Translation Studies, many of whom have extensive connections with the translation profession and the translation industry.


University of Arkansas – Fayetteville, AR, USA

Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing (MA)

The Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing from the University of Arkansas is one of the oldest in the country. Designed as a true four-year terminal degree, students may pursue concentrations in poetry, fiction, or translation. Admission to the Creative Writing program is highly competitive, with only five students being accepted within each concentration annually.

Translation of a literary work is assumed to be an act of creative writing by the school. Those interested in applying must submit five to six pages of a translated piece together with copies of the original text.

Students will focus on the practice and theory of literary translation, mainly from other languages into English. Coursework includes a minimum of 12 hours of translation workshops, 24 hours of study in the literature of source languages, and one semester each of poetry and fiction workshop. Students can expect to leave the program with a reading knowledge of at least two foreign languages.

Rezekne University of Applied Sciences – Latvia

Bachelor in Applied Communication and Translation (BA)

This course enables graduates to strengthen and consolidate their academic and professional skills in further studies in Master level, have a job in companies and community services or work in international and country scale projects teams. Visiting professors from partner universities will be involved as teachers and advisors in the programme. Students have an opportunity to participate in Erasmus mobility for studies and traineeship.

Qualification awarded: Interpreter assistant.

Admission requirements: Secondary education. The diploma must include grades for at least two of three subjects: mathematics, foreign languages (English, German, French, or Russian), basics of business economics which involves:

accounting/accountancy with A.F.S./costing 50 /50 or
economics or
business studies(with functional management) or
Duration of studies: 4 years of full-time studies. Course structure consists of 3 parts:

Part A – compulsory courses (general)
Part B – elective courses (specialisation)
Part C – selective courses.
To complete the study programme a student has to acquire 160 credit points (240 ECTS).

Access to further studies: Master Studies.

The final test, if any: State examination and Bachelor paper.

If you are interested in the studies at Rezekne University of Applied Sciences fill application form at this address: http://www.rta.lv/online_application_procedure.

University of Western Australia – Austrailia

Master of Translation Studies (MA)

This course has been designed by leading translation practitioners and scholars whose work represents the frontier of translation studies. Attracting high-calibre university graduates from all over the world, UWA’s Master of Translation Studies equips you with an in-depth understanding of translation complexities and practical skill acquisition.
Benchmarked against Master of Translation Studies offerings in other world-class universities in the UK, Europe and Asia, this course is designed for any graduate with demonstrated knowledge in the target language who wishes to advance their translating expertise and understanding of the discipline. As well as technical translator training using the latest translation technology, the course helps you develop useful and versatile communication skills in two languages.
After your first year of study, you can choose between two pathways: coursework and dissertation, or coursework only. In both pathways, you’ll learn from professional translators and esteemed researchers whose work represents the frontier of translation studies.
Provided you have studied a cognate subject in your undergraduate degree, you may elect to complete the course in 18 months rather than the standard two years. This course comprises 72 unit points, split across core units and electives. Electives give you the opportunity to tailor your degree according to your own interests and career aspirations.

This master course provides translation studies and training for excellent work in English, Chinese, French, Italian and German. The course is offered in both directions.

University of Westminster – London, UK

Translation Studies (French) (BA)

The course offers French and Spanish as main languages, which you can combine with another language (Arabic, Chinese, French or Spanish) or the Global Communication route, depending on your entry point. We accept intermediate (post-A Level) and proficient speakers in French and Spanish. This is a linguistically challenging course and we may need to assess you in order to determine your entry point and suitability.

As well as careers in professional translation, our graduates have also found employment as interpreters, teachers (both in foreign languages and English as a foreign language), and in various other sectors including law, marketing, journalism, and the Civil Service.

You will study an integrated curriculum with a focus on professional context and communication skills, bilingual translation skills and theory. Depending on your choice, your studies may include the rigorous development of a new foreign language or modules in cultural studies. Teaching and learning takes place through a combination of formal lectures, seminars and practical workshops; guided self-study and preparation; and exposure to professionally relevant simulations and real-work environments.

Much of your learning will take place during independent study, individually and in groups, in the well-resourced and recently refurbished library, at home and via the online learning provision. Assessment methods include in-class coursework, essays and projects, presentations, and oral and unseen written exams.

Alongside core modules in translation, the course offers a wide range of option modules, covering topics including global communications, world cultures, current affairs, politics and gender issues. An optional year abroad is available.

Ventspils University College – Latvia

BA in Translation Studies

To provide students with theoretical knowledge and a set of practical skills and abilities for the provision of high-quality professional interpretation and translation services in sectors relevant for the economy (business, marketing, commercial activity, law); to promote the competitiveness of graduates in changing socio-economic conditions and in the international labour market; to encourage acquisition of in-depth knowledge which provides an opportunity to independently develop methodology for translation and to carry out translation orders in new fields as well as continue studies to achieve higher qualifications; to ensure conformity of educational quality with the level in European and other economically developed countries by improving methodological, scientific, material and technical support of the study process, increasing the qualifications of lecturers, and promoting cooperation with other Latvian and foreign higher education institutions; to modify the content and teaching methods of the program in a timely manner in response to changes in the translation labour market and to accurately predict future changes; and to establish a close link between studies and actual translation practices.
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