The World’s Sexiest Accents – What Makes them Beautiful

The World’s Sexiest Accents – What Makes Them Beautiful

Six Continents World's Sexiest Accents

With more than 6,500 languages worldwide and over 20 countries, the differences in dialects, linguistic nuance, and accents have long been a source of fascination for generations. So, where did our fascination with accents come from?

Personal Identity

How each of us speaks is unique to ourselves, every person has their own idiosyncrasies, cultural and societal reference points for how we interact with the world, helping us to form our own vocalization style. This helps us to communicate with others more about ourselves than mere words alone could achieve.

Most of us are comfortable conversing with those who share our own dialect, we probably don’t notice accent to be a factor in the formation of a connection with the people around us. However, we’ve all experienced meeting someone for the first time who possesses a new and intriguing accent; who’s cadence and tone either reminds us of far-flung places, different cultures that we may or may not be familiar with and helps us to identify that person’s distinct place in the world.

Interestingly, while every language and dialect have qualities that allow them to flourish, there definitely seem to be some accents that elicit a particularly positive response. So what are these elusive ‘sexiest’ accents and what makes them so popular with the rest of the world?

What do the Stats Say?

There have been many that have been hailed as being the most popular over the years, with TimeOut.com releasing a survey this year rating the top ten sexiest accents in the world, based on their survey of over 15,000 respondents in 32 cities across the globe. See their results below:

What’s the sexiest accent in the world?

  1. English (17%)
  2. French (13%)
  3. Italian (11%)
  4. Irish (9%)
  5. Spanish (7%)
  6. Scottish (6%)
  7. Australian (5%)
  8. American (4%)
  9. Brazilian (3%)
  10. Japanese (2%)

Let’s take a closer look at those top three, just to try figure out what makes them so alluring.


With so many varying English accents to choose from, perhaps the most well-known accents are those of most note; the cockney accent has made it into many Hollywood films for its rough around the edges feel and how effectively it conveys the socio-economic environment of inner-city London. In terms of accent sex appeal though, the delicate and eloquent tones of the posh, perfect pronunciation of the Royal family and those in the more wealthy areas of the south of England, sounds to most to be as quintessentially British as afternoon tea.


T’as de beaux yeux, tu sais? French has long been considered the language of love, and that title is not difficult to understand. With sensual linguistic patterns of a language that bleed into the accent of its speakers, we are greeted by an almost melodic cadence (especially noticeable to those of other language backgrounds). It makes sense that the french have, for so long, enjoyed one of the top spots on the world stage in terms of accent appeal. So persuasive is this notion, the french accent has become synonymous with romance, albeit, perhaps not at home, but definitely abroad.  


The Italian accent has its own romantic tones, perfectly combining the smooth french sound with a vibrancy and energy akin to the Spanish accent, the Italians also enjoy the benefit of many italian words having made it into the common lexicon of other languages. Primarily food related, the almost universal understanding of terms like tagliatelle, linguine and the well known world of vino, gives a familiar feel to the italian accent whilst remaining exotic enough to cause many a listener to feel weak at the knees. Bellissimo!

Does Having a Sexy Accent Really Matter?

There have been so many lists, surveys and opinions formed over the decades as to what accent is the ‘world’s sexiest accent’, which, of course, is just a question of which accents the majority of people find the most attractive. Of course, most of this comes down to personal preference, but many can agree that a more smooth, gently cadence has more appeal to the casual listener to a strong, loud or unintelligible accent.

This is of particular note when we are seeking a romantic connection. Accents that are deemed the most attractive, are viewed by many as giving the speaker an advantage in finding a partner, it can even go as far as being considered to somehow imbue that person with certain positive attributes that we associate with their dialect. But, does this really mean anything when it comes to the formation of real, lasting human connections with others? We’ll leave that up to you!

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